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Our Business Phone Services

Regardless of your needs, from 2 lines to 200 lines Our 1 For VoIP Solutions Specialists are trained to choose the best solution for you. We save you time and let you focus on your businesses needs to do what you do best - run your business. Our Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are designed to run over your NBN connection, saving you on phone line rental as well as call costs.

Fully Adaptable

You can fine-tune call flow so customers get the information they need without jumping through hoops.

Save Costs

You can simplify your system and control costs by consolidating your voice and data network.

Easy to Customise

Because 1 For VoIP is digital, it’s easy to reconfigure, so you can add or subtract lines or move extensions as you need to.

Awesome Support

We are here to help you from first choosing a 1 For VoIP system to current day with any support related issues.

Our Voip System is designed to accommodate all requirements.

The 1 For Voip system is the best light and feature rich responsive framework for Voip telephony. 1 For Voip framework will make your experience of making phone calls much smoother than ever before.

It is so easy to use and control 1 For Voip systems for you and your staff. Small and simple systems to the most complicated large options - all are available here at 1 For Voip.

About 1 For Voip

1 For VoIP is Australia's leading VoIP solutions provider. 

With an unlimited number of VoIP solutions to meet your needs 1 For VoIP  has everything you need for your VoIP operations, whether you are a consumer, business or service provider.

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