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The Yealink CP930W is the choice for your conference calls.

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The Yealink CP930W uses DECT wireless to provide flawless quality voice connections with the ability to move it room to room as required. 

Some other features are:

• It supports Bluetooth or USB Micro-B port pairing to connect with personal devices. So you are able to route and merge calls on your personal devices into a Yealink Hybrid UC Meeting on the CP930W. 


• The CP930W also supports call recording via Micro SD card to make sure no critical conference details are forgotten.

The Yealink CP930W is available from us for only $871.00

Why should I work with 1 For Voip

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It's only natural that you might ask that. After all, we ask those that we work with that same question. That's why we got together as a company and put together this list. (We hope this answers your questions, but if not give us a call. We would love to spend more time explaining "Why 1 For VoIP")

Increasing Business Productivity With Call Screening

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Audiovisual Call Screening in VoIP - Whether your business takes hundreds of callers each day or only a handful from prospective clients, the importance of how those calls are handled is essentially the difference between success or failure as a company. For this reason, many businesses simply ignore or block calls from unknown or hidden numbers. 

How to Answer Landline Calls on Mobile

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Directing Landlines to Mobile - Let’s face it, it’s impossible to be around the desk phone 24/7, so there is a high possibility that certain calls will be missed. Granted, this is usually not a big deal, but in a world where constant reachability is of utmost importance – especially in the world of business – missed calls are simply unacceptable.

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