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How to Answer Landline Calls on Mobile

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Directing Landlines to Mobile - Let’s face it, it’s impossible to be around the desk phone 24/7, so there is a high possibility that certain calls will be missed. Granted, this is usually not a big deal, but in a world where constant reachability is of utmost importance – especially in the world of business – missed calls are simply unacceptable.

‘But isn’t is possible to answer landline calls on our mobile phone, which we always have in our pocket?’ you may ask. And the answer to that question is ‘absolutely’, it’s more than possible and it doesn’t even require owning a VoIP subscription.

Traditional Call Forwarding

For analog phone system users, the only option of answering landline calls on a mobile device is traditional call forwarding. Unlike its VoIP counterpart, however, this feature is quite limited – since it completely turns off the option to receive calls on the desk phone – and has to be activated and deactivated manually by using special dial commands: 

  1. Dial a special forwarding code on the desk phone and press the call button. Forwarding codes may vary depending on your phone provider but it’s usually *72 for unconditional call forwarding and *68 for forwarding busy or unanswered calls.
  2. Once a beep or an audio message is heard, dial the ten- or eleven-digit mobile phone number that any incoming calls should be forwarded to.
  3. Press the “#” key – sometimes followed by pressing the call button as well – and after confirmation that call forwarding has been activated simply end the call.
  4. For deactivation, dial and call *73 for unconditional call forwarding and *81 for conditional call forwarding.


Landlines to Mobile With VoIP

Cloud phone systems have many advantages, but if we had to focus on just one thing it would be how well VoIP calls can be handled from mobile devices.

For starters, VoIP has advanced call forwarding that distributes calls to an unlimited amount of phone numbers, and thanks to the fully customisable call forwarding rules those numbers can be called either simultaneously or in a sequential order.


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